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Senvida Nagantos are aquatic cave-dwelling creatures based on eyeless fish. They were released alongside Cielarka Cimos, Ombra Vespertos, and Monta Selos. They are commonly found in the Cupboard and can be brought from the Genome Splicer.



"There is a faint smell rising from this slender capsule."


"Oddly, this small, eyeless juvenile seems to be attracted to light sources. In a laboratory environment, it can be trained to swim in a pattern based on lights turning on and off. It feeds only once every few days but can consume nearly half its weight in food, though it becomes lethargic for several hours afterward. When kept with other juveniles of its species, it shows little interest in interacting, keeping to its own space and moving its tail and fins in short, menacing motions if another approaches too close."


"Sightless due to their dark environments, Senvida Nagantos use a special sensory organ on their head to hunt. They are able to detect pheromones released by Cielarka Cimos, their sole source of food, and may stalk an insect for hours before leaping from the water. A quick slap of their agile tail stuns their prey long enough for the fish to drag it underwater. Although they lack eyes, Senvida Nagantos are attracted to sources of light and will congregate near waterside patches of the bioluminescent moss, Kaverno Musko, which Cielarka Cimos feed upon. The fish will also approach Monta Selos, likely due to the inability to distinguish between the two light sources with their rudimentary photosensory organs, although some researchers have speculated that it could be for protection. Monta Selos have no interest in the fish but do eat Ombra Vespertos; the latter prey upon Senvida Nagantos. Spawning occurs once a year, and a female may lay as many as two hundred fertilized eggs among the thin reeds of aquatic grass, Stona Strio, that grows in clumps where there is suitable nutrition. Juveniles feed upon Cielarka Cimo eggs and grubs until large enough to hunt adult insects."

Capsule Young Adult
Senvida Naganto Capsule.png Senvida Naganto Juvenile.png Senvida Naganto Adult.png



Pale Red Green Grey Oilslick
Senvidonaganto AABB Aabb Aabb body 1.png Senvidonaganto AABb Aabb Aabb body 2.png Senvidonaganto AAbb Aabb Aabb body 3.png
Silver Iridescent Black
Senvidonaganto AaBB Aabb Aabb body 4.png Senvidonaganto AaBb Aabb Aabb body 5.png Senvidonaganto Aabb Aabb Aabb body 6.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Purple Pale Pink Gold
Senvidonaganto aaBB Aabb Aabb body 7.png Senvidonaganto aaBb Aabb Aabb body 8.png Senvidonaganto aabb Aabb Aabb body 9.png
aaBB aaBb aabb


Blood Orange Grey Oilslick
Senvidanaganto Aabb AABB Aabb scales 1.png Senvidanaganto Aabb AABb Aabb scales 2.png Senvidanaganto Aabb AAbb Aabb scales 3.png
Silver Radioactive Black
Senvidanaganto Aabb AaBB Aabb scales 4.png Senvidanaganto Aabb AaBb Aabb scales 5.png Senvidonaganto Aabb Aabb Aabb body 6.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Wine Red Gold
Senvidanaganto Aabb aaBB Aabb scales 7.png Senvidanaganto Aabb aaBb Aabb scales 8.png Senvidanaganto Aabb aabb Aabb scales 9.png
aaBB aaBb aabb


Blood Orange Grey Oilslick
Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb AABB fins 1.png Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb AABb fins 2.png Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb AAbb fins 3.png
Silver Iridescent Black
Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb AaBB fins 4.png Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb AaBb fins 5.png Senvidonaganto Aabb Aabb Aabb body 6.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Purple Red Gold
Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb aaBB fins 7.png Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb aaBb fins 8.png Senvidanaganto Aabb Aabb aabb fins 9.png
aaBB aaBb aabb


  • Nagantos grow to fit the size of their environment.
  • Nagantos were listed as being 8ft for an average size. This was changed to 2ft
  • TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact—accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Senvida Naganto” means “Blind Swimmer.”


Art by: Dohaerys • Descriptions by: Shark