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Ombra Vespertos are bat-like creatures that were released alongside Cielarka Cimos, Senvida Nagantos, and Monta Selos.They can be found in the Cupboard or brought from the Genome Splicer.



"Uniform bumps encircle this deep red capsule."


"Double wings grace this juvenile’s back, and it spends much of its time flying from roosting spot to roosting spot, either gliding or flapping as necessary. It is sensitive to light and prefers darker environments, which it navigates using echolocation. Very agile in the air, it won’t hesitate to show off to audience, performing backflips and loops and other complicated maneuvers by switching between wing pairs."


"Ombra Vespertos use their lower wings for active flight and their upper wings to glide as they sweep through the darkness of the caverns they call home. Colonies that dwell near water sources feed mainly on Senvida Nagantos, which they hunt by stalking the fish among the bioluminescent aquatic grass that grows within underground ponds and slow-moving streams. Those that roost in dryer environments eat Cielarka Cimos. Their guano encourages the growth of Kaverno Musko, a moss upon which Cielarka Cimos feed. Insect-feeding Ombra Vespertos tend to have brighter patterns, perhaps due to nutrients from their food source. Fast-breeding, with as many as three litters a year, Ombra Vespertos populations are kept in check by Monta Selos, their only natural predators. They rely on stealth and speed for evasion, as their claws, while strong enough to snatch a fish from the water or crush the hard shell of a Cielarka Cimo, are too weak to do more than scratch a Monta Selo’s tough hide. Communal by nature, Ombra Vespertos travel in groups, called flights, of at least three when hunting, and a roost may be home to as many as several hundred. It is not uncommon for a nursing female to adopt an orphaned pup and care for it as her own. Ombra Vespertos mate for life, and a widowed Ombra Vesperto rarely seeks out a new mate."

Capsule Young Adult
Ombra Vesperto Capsule.png Ombra Vesperto Juvenile.png Ombra Vesperto Adult.png



Brown Blue Gray
Ombvesp body 1.png Ombvesp body 2.png
Dark Red Green Dark Green
Ombvesp body 4.png Ombvesp body 5.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Dark Blue Light Brown Red
Ombvesp body 7.png Ombvesp body 8.png
aaBB aaBb aabb


Brown Blue Gray
Ombvesp body 3.png Ombvesp belly 2.png
Dark Red Green Dark Green
Ombvesp belly 4.png Ombvesp belly 5.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Dark Blue White Red
Ombvesp belly 7.png Ombvesp belly 8.png
aaBB aaBb aabb

In addition to changing the color of an Ombra Vesperto's stomach markings, this gene affects the color of their nose!


Purple Yellow Blue
Ombvesp body 8.png Ombvesp mark 2.png
Pink Green Teal
Ombvesp mark 4.png Ombvesp mark 5.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Gray White Dark Red
Ombvesp mark 7.png Ombvesp mark 8.png
aaBB aaBb aabb

(Markings AABB, AAbb, and aaBB are shown on body color aaBb (light brown) for maximum contrast.)


Black Blue Purple
Ombvesp body 8.png Ombvesp scale 2.png
Red Light Green Dark Green
Ombvesp scale 4.png Ombvesp scale 5.png
AaBB AaBb Aabb
Blue White Dark Red
Ombvesp scale 7.png Ombvesp scale 8.png
aaBB aaBb aabb

(AABB, AAbb, and aaBB scales are shown on body color aaBb (light brown) for maximum contrast.) The scale gene also changes a Vesperto's eye color; see trivia section for the relevant table.


The scale gene also affects an Ombra Vesperto's eye color, as illustrated in the table below:

Orange Eyes Orange Eyes Lavender Eyes
Test scaling.png Ombvesp eye scaled 2.png
AABB Scales AABb Scales AAbb Scales
Teal Eyes Green Eyes Orange Eyes
AaBB Scales AaBb Scales Aabb Scales
Dark Red Eyes White Eyes Dark Blue Eyes
aaBB Scales aaBb Scales aabb Scales

TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact—accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Ombra Vesperto” means “Shadow Bat.”


Art by: Dohaerys • Descriptions by: Shark