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The NPCs on the site appear most frequently in quests and events, and can also contribute to the bulletin board or show up in Outpost Bulletin announcements in the Lab Notes section when credited with "discovering" a creature. Each NPC has their own lab, and an avatar and description on the Notable Scientists page. They are also usually associated with a particular developer, spriter, or writer, and the NPC's name is often an anagram of the associated contributer's username.

Ash Roskar[]

Ash Roskar

"A nondescript white door marked simply with “ASH” in plain black lettering leads to a sparsely furnished laboratory. Although Ash Roskar has turned down many offers to help spruce up the place a bit, zie does appreciate the kind gestures and will occasionally accept small trinkets. Zie stores these gifts in the glass-faced cupboards above the spartan counter. Most of the scientific instruments remain under their dust covers or have been given away to other labs, as Ash does not consider zieself a researcher. For the same reason, most of zir lab’s housing units remain empty. On occasion, Ash will adopt unwanted creatures from other scientists or assist with experiments, but zie prefers to wander through the outpost, learning more about the inhabitants and seeking information about zir missing creator."

Ash's lab can be found here.

C. Roote[]

C. Roote

"Everything has a place in C. Roote’s lab, and he keeps it very clean. Neat stacks of papers and data chips rest on the counter beside a microscope and other lab equipment that gleam from polishing. The tiled floor shines from its most recent waxing. A faint, fresh citrus scent lingers in the air. Only the soft chittering of the Stranga Sciuros and occasional rustle of a Tagalo shifting in its cage disrupts the calm atmosphere. Although Roote sometimes grumbles about the noise, everyone knows he secretly cares about his creatures a lot. When he isn’t out exploring or studying historical files, he can be found meticulously checking each housing unit to ensure it’s working at an optimal level."

C. Roote discovered Arbara Kronos, as described in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #71. C. Roote's lab can be found here.

Coral M. Mui[]

Coral M. Mui

"Bright gold letters mark Coral M. Mui’s vibrant orange lab door. The lab itself is a paradise of mechanical parts strewn across the counter, neatly labeled experiments under observation, and many housing units of Suna Hundos. Juveniles tumble about together, adults bark and whine as they play, and a few well-behaved ones even wander about loose. Any visitor can expect at least one cold nose nuzzling pockets in search of hidden treats. Coral can usually be found in her lab, since her Suna Hundos get restless when she is away, but she does venture out occasionally on explorations. Sometimes, she takes a Suna Hundo or two with her. They are quite loyal and will guard her from any threats."

Coral discovered Suna Hundos, as documented in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #42, and Avka Felos, as documented in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #101.

Coral's lab can be found here, and her custom sprite, a Hundo, can be seen here.

Erin Pontifis[]

Erin Pontifis

"Some of the cupboard doors in Erin Pontifis’s lab have been removed, allowing the contents—colorful figurines of various sizes and forms—to be permanently visible. Other cupboards are filled with data chips and old-style printed books that feature an image-based storytelling medium. Her fascination with these stories carries to her walls, which are covered in beautiful murals she has painted in her spare time. She adores Senfina Krizo and often spends time in the field studying them. Screech, a Senfina Krizo that she raised from childhood after finding the juvenile lost and alone, accompanies her. He has been trained to wear a camera-carrying harness. Spare harnesses can be borrowed from Erin’s closet, although most attempts by other scientists to train their own Senfina Krizos have failed."

Erin discovered Senfina Krizos, as documented in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #67.

Erin's lab can be found here.

Iris Evada[]

Iris Evada

"The soft sound of rippling water greets any visitors to Iris Evada’s lab. Against one wall is an artificial, aboveground pond complete with a small waterfall that hums to the irregular tune of splashing as the fish within the water feature swim against the gentle current. Her housing units are filled with beautiful specimens of Senvida Nagantos and Limaka Cevalos. Diving gear and other ocean-faring paraphernalia can be seen through the open door of her closet as well as stacked tidily wherever there’s a bit of open space. Automatic caretakers frequently wander in and out, tending to her fish, as Iris spends much of her time traveling. Anyone is welcome to visit and browse through her vast collection of photographs, sketches, and comprehensive field notes carefully collated in neatly labeled folders."

Iris discovered Limaka Cevalos, as described in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #79, and Vira Bekos, as shown in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #83. She also features heavily in the quest that leads to the discovery of Luma Mordos.

Iris's lab can be found here.

Joyce Toller[]

"A row of palm-sized rocks gathered on expeditions lines the back of Joyce’s counter. She knows where each one came from, what its composition is, and who found it—most of them are from her own trips, though some were gifts from other scientists. A pickaxe and small drill lean against the wall by the door, ready to be grabbed at a moment’s notice when she wants to collect more samples. Despite frequent visits from automated caretakers, there always seems to be a bit of grit and sand on the lab floor. Larger rocks are piled in corners. Her housing units are almost exclusively populated by Floranta Doloros because she finds them calming to watch after a long day of work."

Joyce discovered Muska Felos, as described in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #101. Joyce's lab can be found here.

Marsh Nook[]

Marsh Nook

"As the person in charge of handling bulletins, addendums, and other major communications system aspects, Marsh can often be found tapping away at a keyboard or hunched over a scattered cluster of notes and pens. The left side of the lab counter is kept organized, with any unused equipment protected by dust covers. A bowl of meal bars at the end is always kept filled; anyone is welcome to pop in for a quick snack or just to chat. Marsh enjoys hearing expedition stories and funny research anecdotes, which sometimes find their way into outpost-wide communiques. Despite a less than pleasant first encounter with Floranta Doloros, Marsh has come to enjoy observing them, and they can often be found in the lab’s housing units."

Marsh's lab can be found here.

Rosa Dhey[]

Rosa Dhey

"Rosa Dhey’s lab resembles a greenhouse more than a lab. A thick bed of Kaverno Musko carpets the floor. Small planters hang on the walls and from the ceiling, while larger ones sit in neat rows, filled with all manner of flora. Handwritten placards on metal sticks mark each plant with its scientific name, where the specimen was gathered, and any special details for care. She is very particular about who watches her plants while she is away. When in the lab, she is almost always sketching or studying plant samples. Some of her housing units contain herbivores, including Girafos and Cielarka Cimos, which she studies in conjunction with their preferred food sources."

Rosa features heavily in the Solstice 2020 event, and the quest that leads to the discovery of Nebula Glisantos.

Rosa's lab can be found here.

Roy Shade[]

Roy Shade

"If it weren’t for the bright green door, Roy Shade’s lab would resemble any other currently unoccupied lab. All the instruments on the counter are covered with dust cloths, and the housing units have their lights off and their doors open, waiting for new occupants. For some reason, his closet door is locked. It’s often the only sign that someone has used this lab since everyone woke up from cryosleep. When he does return from the Shady Caverns for something, he usually brings Nora with him. Anyone is welcome to visit as long as they bring her a treat. Rather than keep her in a housing unit, he lets her roam around the lab freely. Visitors may open the door to find themselves face-to-face with her spiky nose."

Roy is credited for his research in the Shady Caverns, as documented in OUTPOST #1 – BULLETIN #53. He discovered Monta Selos, Ombra Vespertos, Senvida Nagantos, and Cielarka Cimos. He also features heavily in the "You’ve received an invitation from Roy Shade to visit the Shady Caverns. Maybe today’s a good day to go?" quest.

Roy's lab can be found here, and his custom sprite, Nora, can be seen here.

Soza Starrs[]

Soza Starrs

"Stuck to the door of Soza Starrs’s lab is a note welcoming visitors and warning them to be quick about coming and going. Poles covered in cloth or rope are erected about the room and interconnect by beams near the ceiling. Platforms and artificial hollows are built into the framework of these structures where possible. The lab’s built-in housing units often stand empty, as the bulk of Soza’s Stranga Sciuros freely roam the lab. Notably, many of them have small, hand-knitted sweaters of various colors, made by Soza herself. She leaves the fieldwork to younger researchers and spends most of her time observing her Sciuros or watching labs for others when asked. Visitors are always welcome and will often find themselves with a cup of tea and some snacks to chat over. When walking about the facility, Soza can be seen with Jackson, her prized Sciuro, riding on her shoulders in his bright green sweater."

Soza's lab can be found here, and her custom sprite, Jackson, can be seen here.

Thad Rolmark[]

Thad Rolmark

"Thad Rolmark’s lab embraces the term chaotic, with half-finished experiments, haphazard piles of notebooks and papers, and the occasional meal bar wrapper strewn across every available surface. Other than the occasional light dusting, automated caretakers have learned not to enter his lab, as Thad becomes quite frustrated if anything is disturbed. Visitors should also be wary of knocking over a precarious stack of papers or stepping on a wayward data chip. Despite his quirks, Thad welcomes anyone curious about history and will speak for hours on the topic. He has a quiet rivalry with C. Roote, always attempting to find new material for his lectures first. Due to his preference for genetic research, his lab’s housing units sit mostly empty, though he has welcomed a few gifts from other researchers."

Thad's lab can be found here.

Robert Gibh[]

Robert Gibh

"It took some gentle convincing for Robert Gibh to accept his own laboratory, a small room next to Ash’s lab. What was once a plain, unadorned place has become filled with little gifts and mementos from many of the outpost’s scientists as they seek to make him feel welcome. From painted rocks and printed posters to potted succulents and a plethora of colorful pens and notebooks, almost every surface bears at least one visible mark of kindness and friendship. On a hook to the right of the door hangs a beautiful red scarf Soza knitted him during the outpost’s first winter. He wears it on cold days despite not needing the warmth it provides. The housing units in Robert’s lab are almost always filled; he has an open invitation for any unwanted creatures, and scientists will often bring him those in need of special care."

Robert's lab can be found here.

Sherman Kamada[]

Sherman Kamada

"Visitors to Sherman Kamada’s lab may find themselves pausing at the entrance as their vision adjusts to the dim lighting inside. A single lamp in the back illuminates a cluttered counter strewn with flora samples and annotated reports. Hollow rock formations and plush, mossy beds of Kaverno Musko fill the lab’s tranquil interior. Glimmers of reflected light sparkle from within these nooks and dens—traces of the crystal-whiskered Muska Felos that comprise Sherman’s main scientific focus. A culinary enthusiast at heart, Sherman spends his free time in the cafeteria, testing out new dishes and planning the outpost’s weekly dining menu. While he’s away, he often allows trusted colleagues to drop by and de-stress from lab work by exercising and socializing with his many well-trained Felos."

Agnes Schnani[]

Agnes Schnani

"The deep green door of Agnes Schnani’s lab opens into a cozy room with warm lighting and soft orchestral music playing over the speakers she has installed in each corner of the ceiling. Half-finished sketches lie scattered on her counter besides several open notebooks filled with detailed notes of her latest expedition. Agnes splits her time between field research in the mountainous rainforests, where she studies Kosmira Girafos in their natural habitat, and behavioral analysis in her lab with Avka and Muska Felos. She is particularly interested in the interactions between the two Felo subspecies and plans to conduct a series of surveys in the local cave system where they were first discovered to coexist peacefully."

Agnes is credited with discovering Avka and Muska Felos alongside Joyce and Coral. Glublekos were her first solo discovery. Agnes' lab can be found here.

Finni Mortis[]

"A faint chemical smell always lingers in the hall outside Finni Mortis’s lab. His fascination with long-dead things is evident to anyone who enters the dimly lit room—every available surface, including much of the floor, is covered in fossils and bones. Each carefully curated collection is marked with handwritten signage describing the contents, where it was found, and species identification, if known. Finni sometimes accepts donations from other scientists for his research, but he usually has so many specimens waiting to be processed that he doesn’t have space for more. On the rare occasion he isn’t focused on old bones, he sometimes works with Ebena Kuranto, which he discovered while investigating a new digging site"

Finni's lab can be found here.