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Monta Selo was released along with Ombra Vespertos, Senvida Nagantos, and Cielarka Cimos.

Rarely can be found in the Cupboard or purchased from Genome Splicer.

Every player may also encounter it on their third Quest, where they will receive 2 capsules.



"This ring-shaped capsule has a smooth, hard surface."


"Small crystals cover the carapace and skin of this stocky juvenile. They grow slowly in proportion to the creature’s own development, suggesting they may be somewhat organic in nature, although further research into their composition is still needed. It is completely carnivorous, and care is necessary during handling as it can mistake an ungloved finger as approaching food. The juvenile moves as little as necessary and can remain stationary for days. When startled, it may retreat into its shell. With its feet, head, and tail withdrawn, it closely resembles a pebbly rock."


"Monta Selo is a sedentary, cave-dwelling species found in deep caverns, usually near underground lakes. The bioluminescent patches on its shell attract both Cielarka Cimos and Senvida Nagantos, and the crystalline growths act as natural camouflage as the Monta Selo waits for its preferred prey, Ombra Vespertos, which feed upon the insects and fish. Though generally solitary, Monta Selos gather in large numbers during their brief breeding season, which occurs only once every four years in late winter. Males build nests of bioluminescent moss and pace around them, showing off their crystals to potential mates. Females will choose a male by stepping onto the nest. Once the eggs are laid, they are covered with more moss and left to hatch on their own. As Monta Selos have no natural predators, they can live for a very long time, and some documented individuals may be well over a hundred years old. They are generally docile when approached, with females displaying quieter dispositions, and are strong enough to carry a human on their back, although their studded carapace and slow speed make their use for transportation impractical."

Capsule Young Adult
Monta Selo Capsule.png Monta Selo Juvenile.png Monta Selo Adult.png



Gene Colour Picture
AABB Green Monta Selo Body AABB 1.png
AABb Red Monta Selo Body AABb 6.png
AAbb Blue Monta Selo Body AAbb 8.png
AaBB Yellow Monta Selo Body AaBB 3.png
AaBb Black Monta Selo Body AaBb 9.png
Aabb Grey Monta Selo Body Aabb 7.png
aaBB White Monta Selo Body aaBB 5.png
aaBb Pink Monta Selo Body aaBb 4.png
aabb Orange Monta Selo Body aabb 2.png


Gene Colour Picture
AABB Green Monta Selo Shell AABB 1.png
AABb White Monta Selo Shell AABb 6.png
AAbb Black Monta Selo Shell AAbb 8.png
AaBB Watermelon Monta Selo Shell AaBB 3.png
AaBb Blue Monta Selo Shell AaBb 9.png
Aabb Grey Monta Selo Shell Aabb 7.png
aaBB Red Monta Selo Body AABb 6.png
aaBb Dark Green Monta Selo Shell aaBb 4.png
aabb Dark Navy Monta Selo Shell aabb 2.png


Gene Colour Picture
AABB Red Monta Selo Crystal AABB 1.png
AABb Green Monta Selo Crystal AABb 6.png
AAbb Watermelon Monta Selo Crystal AAbb 8.png
AaBB Purple Monta Selo Crystal AaBB 3.png
AaBb White Monta Selo Crystal AaBb 9.png
Aabb Pink Monta Selo Crystal Aabb 7.png
aaBB Blue Monta Selo Crystal aaBB 5.png
aaBb Yellow Monta Selo Crystal aaBb 4.png
aabb Orange Monta Selo Crystal aabb 2.png


TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact—accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Monta Selo” means “Mountain Shell.”