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Lanuga Vizagos are a Solstice 2021 Event creature introduced alongside Arba Brakumos and Brila Ornamos. They are based on owls.



"A soft warmth emanates from this golden winged capsule."


"Despite its ungainly appearance and clumsy toddling gait, this downy chick moves about silently and takes great pleasure in following researchers around from room to room. At night, it returns to the safety of its nest, where the whole brood huddles together to watch their human caretakers from afar, swiveling their heads in perfect unison."


"With its keen eyesight and hearing, the Lanuga Vizago is unparalleled in its niche as a stealth hunter. This diurnal raptor hunts by perching motionless as it waits for a rodent or large insect to pass by. When it spots potential prey, it swoops down silently and stalks them from a distance before pouncing with its mighty talons. Lanuga Vizagos are especially fond of Brila Ornamos; although these insects provide little in the way of nutrition, their colorful rounded carapaces serve as endless entertainment for a Lanuga Vizago to bat around and chase after. Despite their sharp predatory instincts, Lanuga Vizagos possess a rather low level of intelligence. If one feels overwhelmed by its surroundings, it may sit down and stare into the distance until coaxed back into action with food or the motion of a small animal or toy. They prefer to spend their days lazily napping and grooming their soft feathers, but those raised in a laboratory environment should be allowed to roam free whenever possible. Lanuga Vizagos require copious amounts of playtime and socialization lest they fall into fits of prolonged yowling or spiteful disobedience."

Capsule Young Adult


Marking A[]

Gold Silver Stormy
AA Aa aa

Marking A[]

Gold Painted Brindled Snow Leopard
AA Aa aa

Marking B[]

White Mask/Pinions Wing Tips Tuxedo
AA Aa aa


TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact--accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Lanuga Vizago” means “Fluffy Face.”


Art by: schenanigans. Descriptions by: cabuso, Shark.