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Klara Alsaltos are a type of Alsalto inspired by foxes. Unlike their event-exclusive relatives Glacia Alsaltos, they can be found in the cupboard year-round or purchased from the Genome Splicer. They can breed with Glacia Alsaltos to produce hybrid Transira Alsaltos.



"The soft spikes on this golden capsule are warm to the touch."


"Soft, thick fur keeps this energetic juvenile warm as it frolics in the snow. It spends much of its waking hours playing—the movement helps it stay warm. If kept in a housing unit, artificial production of snow as well as a cooler temperature is recommended, since it may otherwise overheat. After eating, it will nap for a few hours, curled up in a tight ball, before returning to its play."


"The warmth provided by their thick fur makes Klara Alsaltos perfectly adapted for cold environments, and they spend much of the year hunting along the arctic coast. They feed on birds, small mammals, and fish and are most often spotted in their signature pounce stance as they leap up and dive down to catch their prey. Some Klara Alsaltos have been observed with bioluminescent polyps growing on them—research has determined that there is a symbiotic relationship between the two species, with the poisonous Vulpa Brulo offering defense in return for the protection and nutrients provided by the Klara Alsalto. Further investigation is still needed to determine how the symbiote becomes attached to the host. Another unusual feature is that of their multiple tails, with some displaying as many as nine fluffy appendages. The extra tails do not appear to hinder movement and help trap more heat while a Klara Alsalto sleeps in its standard curled position, keeping it warm even in subzero temperatures. Kits are born throughout the year, with one parent staying with the litter to keep them warm while the other hunts.

The creatures that dwell in this rather desolate world still display some diversity in appearance, eating habits, and social behavior. Whether they have fur or feathers, skin or scales, their unique genetic makeup allows for a variety of colors and markings within each species. Despite limitations in food sources, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores are all present in the food chain, and each species requires specialized care within a laboratory. Although the artificial setting of housing units and breeding pods precludes most opportunities to study true interspecific behavior, the interactions within and between species has been studied extensively in the wilderness by scientists daring enough to venture beyond the outpost’s walls."

Capsule Young Adult

Extra Info[]

The information below is included in Klara Alsalto's creature notes on site.

False Flames[]

When we first observed certain Klara Alsaltos from a distance, it seemed as if fire was flickering through their fur. It took some close study to determine it was in fact thin tendrils spreading out from Vulpa Brulo symbiotes. The reddish bioluminescence serves as a warning to would-be predators that these Alsaltos are protected by poisonous polyps. The Alsaltos appear to have an immunity to the Vulpa Brulo poison, and the presence of these false flames does not appear to hinder them but in fact proves quite useful for night hunting—the soft glow attracts fish.

Piscine Diet[]

Although they will hunt birds and small land animals, Klara Alsaltos display a strong preference for fish. Dens are chosen by expectant parents for their proximity to the coast or prey-laden rivers and ponds. They usually feed their kits only fish during the first few weeks after weaning, and juveniles old enough to hunt are first taught to fish. While observing one den we chanced upon in the shelter of seaside cliff, we often saw kits chasing after coastal birds with little finesse or success. They would tumble about in the sand, batting at feathers scattered by the birds’ swift retreat.

Water-Resistant Fur[]

Although Klara Alsaltos appear to have similar fur to Glacia Alsaltos at first glance, the thick hairs are more water repellant thanks to the secretions of special oil glands in their skin. This makes it much easier for Klara Alsaltos to dry off after emerging from the water—an important adaption for a species that fishes in cold environments. Their Vulpa Brulo symbiotes absorb and retain water when the Klara Alsalto is submerged in order to survive while on land. If a Klara Alsalto spends too much time away from the water, the Vulpa Brulo will shrink and exude a sticky substance that adheres to the Alsalto’s fur and form a watertight shell around it, protecting it until it is underwater again.




Green Eyes

Dark Grey Grey Blue
Klara body 1.png Klara body 2.png Klara body 3.png

Gold Eyes


Blue Eyes

Black Stripes
Klara body 4.png Klara body 5.png Klara body 6.png
Dark Cross Medium Cross Light Cross
Klara body 7.png Klara body 8.png Klara body 9.png
AAbbCC AAbbCc AAbbcc
Chocolate Brown Grey Brown Warm Brown
Klara body 10.png Klara body 11.png Klara body 12.png

Green Eyes


Blue Eyes

Light Classic
Klara body 13.png Klara body 14.png Klara body 15.png
AaBbCC AaBbCc AaBbcc
Silver Cross Lilac Cross Orange


Klara body 16.png Klara body 17.png Klara body 18.png
AabbCC AabbCc Aabbcc
Brown Spots Medium Grey Beige
Klara body 19.png Klara body 20.png Klara body 21.png
aaBBCC aaBBCc aaBBcc

Red Eyes





Klara body 22.png Klara body 23.png Klara body 24.png
aaBbCC aaBbCc aaBbcc
Light Grey Pink Albino
Klara body 25.png Klara body 26.png Klara body 27.png
aabbCC aabbCc aabbcc


Three Six Nine
Klara body 13.png Klara tail 6.png Klara tail 9.png
aa Aa AA


Klara no ice.png

While Klara Alsaltos cannot have "ice" (and therefore only ever have aa genes for this trait), the ice trait is included to account for Klara's ability to breed with Glacia Alsaltos.


None Medium Full
Klara body 1.png Klara fire medium.png Klara body full.png
aa Aa AA


  • The original black hatchling sprite was solid black. It was updated to show the black Klara's white-tipped tails.

Black Alsalto hatchling.pngTransira example juvie.png

  • While the body genes above were modified to be more accessible and user-friendly, the names the artists used for each Alsalto body color are shown below. They reference real fox coat variations.
  • Site developer and artist Corteo noted that, “all the Klara Alsalto coats are based on real foxes. This is the link we used to base them on - I’ll let you work out which is which."
  • TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact—accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Klara Alsalto” means “Plain Leap.”


Art by: Corteo,infinis • Descriptions by: Shark