Final Outpost Wiki

On the level above the shelter lies a large room with stark black lettering on the door: Genome Splicer. You push open the door and walk in, blinking in the bright fluorescent lighting. Automated caretakers zip back and forth, carrying capsules, test tubes, and other equipment to and from the development tanks built into the back wall. A gust of cold air draws your attention to the left, where a caretaker is exiting a large freezer. Genetic material is stored there until needed. Warmth comes from your right, and you can see exhaust fans spinning up as a caretaker preps a development tank for its next use. Another caretaker rolls up to you and holds out a screen. You tap it with a finger, and the screen lights up with the data from your laboratory. Now you can use the genome splicer to reproduce creatures that you’ve found through quests or that have been unlocked in the lab notes. Keep an eye on your laboratory funds, though, because splicer requisitions aren’t always cheap.

The Genome Splicer is a shop where scientists can buy capsules of any creature that has been discovered in the Lab Notes. Shop prices vary and change based on the rarity of a creature, so common creatures will always be less expensive than rare ones.

The following capsules are currently available via the Genome Splicer:

Capsule Species Description
Floranta Doloro Capsule.png Floranta Doloro A ribbed underside graces this squishy capsule.
Ranbleko cap.png Ranbleko Dark liquid fills this spherical capsule.
Saltanta Capsule.png Saltanta It is a short, squat capsule.
Krono cap.png Arbara Krono Shimmering liquid fills this translucent capsule.
Avka felo cap.png Avka Felo The curves on this olive capsule are bulbous and smooth.
Cielarka Cimo Capsule.png Cielarka Cimo A soft iridescence shimmers on this rough capsule’s surface.
Rato cap new.png Fluganta Rato This capsule barely weighs anything.
Kosmira Girafo Capsule.png Kosmira Girafo An odd green glow emanates from this capsule.
Cevalo capsule.png Limaka Cevalo The ridges on this shimmering capsule seem to ripple and twist.
Monta Selo Capsule.png Monta Selo This ring-shaped capsule has a smooth, hard surface.
Muskbirdo Capsule.png Muskbirdo Enclosed in this capsule is a rather dark embryo.
Ombra Vesperto Capsule.png Ombra Vesperto Uniform bumps encircle this deep red capsule.
Senfina Krizo Capsule.png Senfina Krizo Ominous brown liquid shifts within this capsule.
Senvida Naganto Capsule.png Senvida Naganto There is a faint smell rising from this slender capsule.
Stranga Sciuro Capsule.png Stranga Sciuro There is nothing remarkable about this capsule's contents.
Suna Hundo Capsule.png Suna Hundo The oddly curved ends of this capsule almost appear bone-like.
Tagalo Capsule.png Tagalo Faint stripes mark the embryo within this capsule.
Vira Beko Cap.png Vira Beko A viscous yellow liquid fills this heavy oblong capsule.