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Ebena Kurantos are horse-like creatures inspired by real and mythical equestrian animals. They can be obtained in the cupboard or purchased from the Genome Splicer.

Lore-wise, they were discovered by Finni Mortis, as documented in BULLETIN #103.



"The delicate colors of this capsule remind you of a wide-open sky."


"Long legs carry this juvenile wherever its curiosity leads. It often spends the day frolicking across meadows with other foals, always under the watchful gaze of the herd's adults. At night, it tucks itself up against its mother to sleep. Although it will nibble grass in mimic of its mother, its main source of food is her rich milk. Lab-kept juveniles should be fed either Ebena Kuranto milk or a balanced formula for proper nutrition."


"Gleaming coats in rich colors make Ebena Kuranto stand out against the pale green meadows and plains of their preferred habitat. Herds follow no set course in their constant migration, wandering from one lush area to another as they graze. A herd usually consists of a stallion, several mares, and foals. Larger herds may have multiple stallions; in such cases, one male leads while the others serve as herd guardians. Whether traveling or at rest, herds stay close together for protection. Sharp squeals and screams are used to alert each other to danger, often inciting a stampede as the herd flees to safety, whereas high-pitched neighs serve as herd-wide communication. Soft nickers are sometimes heard between mothers and foals. Juveniles remain with their mothers until weaned, after which they generally disperse to other herds, although fillies will sometimes stay. Though skittish and flighty, Ebena Kuranto do have gentle temperaments, and work has begun in training lab-born ones to serve as pack animals or for riding purposes in order to further support field researchers."

Capsule Young Adult

Extra Info[]

The information below is included in Ebena Kuranto's creature notes on site.

Extraordinary Evolution[]

A few unusual individuals have been spotted in wild herds of Ebena Kurantos. Some feature bony growths on their forehead, while others display full-sized wings. The diversity of feathered versus unfeathered wings and variety of horns suggest some rather unique biology at work, and further research into the genetics responsible for such traits will be necessary. Although their size and weight make the wings impractical for flight, Ebena Kurantos featuring such appendages use them to chase off would-be predators, usually by spreading them to appear larger and more dangerous. Those with horns also wield them in defense, and both winged and horned Ebena Kurantos often serve as guardians in their home herds under the lead stallion.

Sweet Tooth[]

Ebena Kurantos appear to have a nose—and a tooth—for sweets. While on his research trip, Finni Mortis was startled one morning during breakfast by an Ebena Kuranto that walked right into his campsite, went over to the small bag of sugar he uses to sweeten his porridge, and tried to stick its nose into the bag. His attempt to rescue the sugar resulted in half of it being spilled and subsequently licked up by a very enthusiastic mare. She hung around for the rest of the day, only departing when her herd began to move on. Given the high glucose content of the grasses Ebena Kuranto feed on, it is possible the scent of the sugar drew her to the camp with the assumption there would be a source of good nutrition there.

Hot to Trot[]

Despite their evident curiosity toward humans and other animals, wild Ebena Kurantos are exceptionally wary creatures. Always preferring flight over fight, they are nearly impossible to approach without spooking. However, through positive reinforcement techniques and proper socialization from a young age, lab-born foals are known to quickly develop loyal bonds with their caretakers. Great steps have already been made in training these Ebena Kurantos as riding animals, although caution must be exercised: researchers have noted that even the gentlest and most calm-tempered of these equines still have a propensity to take off at a gallop in wide-open spaces.



Silver Light Gray Violet
Ebenakuranto body AABBCC 1.png Ebenakuranto body AABBCc 2.png Ebenakuranto body AABBcc 3.png
Shiny Gray Light Gray Cremello
Ebenakuranto body AABbCC 4.png Ebenakuranto body AABBCc 2.png Ebenakuranto body AABbcc 6.png
True White Shiny Gray Buttermilk Buckskin
Ebenakuranto body AAbbCC 7.png Ebenakuranto body AABbCC 4.png Ebenakuranto body AAbbcc 9.png
AAbbCC AAbbCc AAbbcc
Bay Rose Gray Teal
Ebenakuranto body AaBBCC 10.png Ebenakuranto body AaBBCc 11.png Ebenakuranto body AaBBcc 12.png
Light Liver Chestnut Chesnut
Ebenakuranto body AaBbCC 13.png Ebenakuranto body AaBbCc 14.png Ebenakuranto body AaBbCc 14.png
AaBbCC AaBbCc AaBbcc
Bay Palomino Gold
Ebenakuranto body AaBBCC 10.png Ebenakuranto body AabbCc 17.png Ebenakuranto body Aabbcc 18.png
AabbCC AabbCc Aabbcc
Blood Bay Dark Bay Blue
Ebenakuranto body aaBBCC 19.png Ebenakuranto body aaBBCc 20.png Ebenakuranto body aaBBcc 21.png
aaBBCC aaBBCc aaBBcc
Liver Black Blue Gray
Ebenakuranto body aaBbCC 22.png Ebenakuranto body aaBbCc 23.png Ebenakuranto body aaBbcc 24.png
aaBbCC aaBbCc aaBbcc
Chocolate Black Buckskin
Ebenakuranto body aabbCC 25.png Ebenakuranto body aaBbCc 23.png Ebenakuranto body aabbcc 27.png
aabbCC aabbCc aabbcc


Dapple White Brindle Markingless
Ebenakuranto marking AABbcc 1.png Ebenakuranto marking AAbbcc 3.png Ebenakuranto marking none.png



AAbbcc All Others
Sooty Brindle
Ebenakuranto marking AAbbCc 2.png Ebenakuranto marking aabbcc 6.png



*The top three markings are displayed on black bodies, while the bottom two are on white bodies.


Single Sock Partial Sock Ermine
Ebenakuranto feet AABBCc 1.png Ebenakuranto feet AABBcc 2.png Ebenakuranto feet AABbcc 3.png
Double Socks Single High Stocking Double Socks Odd
Ebenakuranto feet AAbbCc 4.png Ebenakuranto feet AAbbcc 5.png Ebenakuranto feet AaBBCc 6.png
AAbbCc AAbbcc AaBBCc
Three Socks Three Fetlocks Four Fetlocks
Ebenakuranto feet AaBbcc 7.png Ebenakuranto feet AabbCc 8.png Ebenakuranto feet aaBBcc 9.png
AaBbcc AabbCc aaBBcc
Four Socks 11 No Socks
Ebenakuranto feet aaBbCc 10.png Ebenakuranto feet aabbCC 11.png Ebenakuranto no feet 12.png
aaBbCc aabbCC All Others

*Black "socks" are actually part of the various bay and buckskin body markings.


Rabicano Roan Overo
Ebenakuranto pinto AABBCC 1.png Ebenakuranto pinto AABbcc 2.png Ebenakuranto pinto AaBBCc 3.png
Sabino Tobiano Splash
Ebenakuranto pinto aaBBcc 4.png Ebenakuranto pinto aaBbCc 5.png Ebenakuranto pinto aabbCC 6.png
aaBBcc aaBbCc aabbCC
Ebenakuranto no feet 12.png
All Others


Snowcap Varnish Spotted Blanket
Ebenakuranto leopard AABBCC.png Ebenakuranto leopard AABbCC 2.png Ebenakuranto leopard AaBBCC 3.png
Leopard Markingless
Ebenakuranto leopard aaBBCC 4.png Ebenakuranto no feet 12.png
aaBBCC All Others


Baldface Markingless
Ebenakuranto face AABbCC 1.png Ebenakuranto no feet 12.png



All Others


Cream Long Cream Fjord Iridescent Long
Ebenakuranto body AAbbCC 7.png EK Mane AABBCc.png EK Mane 2 AABBcc.png
Cream Medium Cream Medium Cream Medium
EK Mane AABbCC 3.png EK Mane AABbCC 3.png EK Mane AABbCC 3.png
White Long Cream Medium Cream Braids
EK Mane 4 AAbbCC.png EK Mane AABbCC 3.png EK Mane 5 AAbbcc.png
AAbbCC AAbbCc AAbbcc
Chestnut Long Chestnut Fjord Chesnut Braids
EK Mane 6 AaBBCC.png EK Mane 7 AaBBCc.png EK Mane 8 AaBBcc.png
Chestnut Medium Chestnut Medium Brown Medium
EK Mane 9 AaBbCC.png EK Mane 9 AaBbCC.png EK Mane 10 AaBbcc.png
AaBbCC AaBbCc AaBbcc
Brown Long Brown Fjord Brown Braids
EK Mane 11 AabbCC.png EK Mane 12 AabbCc.png EK Mane 13 Aabbcc.png
AabbCC AabbCc Aabbcc
Black Medium Devil Black Braids
EK Mane 14 aaBBCC.png EK Mane 15 aaBBCc.png EK Mane 16 aaBBcc.png
aaBBCC aaBBCc aaBBcc
Black Long Black Medium Black Medium
EK Mane 17 aaBbCC.png EK Mane 14 aaBBCC.png EK Mane 14 aaBBCC.png
aaBbCC aaBbCc aaBbcc
Black Medium Black Fjord Maneless
EK Mane 14 aaBBCC.png EK Mane 18 aabbCc.png EK Mane 19 aabbcc.png
aabbCC aabbCc aabbcc


Black Horn White Horn Red Horn
EK Black Horn.png EK White Horn.png EK Red Horn.png
AABBcc AaBBcc aaBBcc
No Horn
Ebenakuranto body AABbCC 4.png
All Others

Note: The devil horns are actually a mane type, aaBBCc.


Devil Wings Angel Wings No Wings
EK Devil Wings.png EK Angel Wings.png Ebenakuranto body AAbbCC 7.png
aaBBCc AABBCc All Others


This creature was released by spriter infinis in celebration of their birthday, as documented in the new species announcement on the forum.

TFO uses Esperanto as a basis for creature names (although it's not always exact—accents are ignored and spellings occasionally shift). “Ebena Kuranto” means “Plains Runner.”


Art by: infinis. Descriptions by: Shark.