Final Outpost Wiki

At the back of the outpost’s lower common area is a small, refrigerated cupboard labeled “Capsules” in plain metal letters. Automatic caretakers sent on exploratory missions to known areas regularly bring back shipments of viable genetic material. The resulting capsules are then frozen and distributed to the cupboard in a rotating manner, allowing everyone a chance to rummage through what’s available. As you open the door, a few capsules spill out. Will you take one, for science?

Adopting and raising creatures is the main goal of The Final Outpost. They start out as Capsules, emerge into Juveniles, and finally grow into Adults that can breed. Creature capsules can be obtained through the Cupboard or Quests, and all creatures can be obtained via the Genome Splicer once their Lab Notes have been filled out, or for some, when the quest they are in is completed.


Capsule Species Description Rarity Obtained From
Krono cap.png Arbara Krono Shimmering liquid fills this translucent capsule. Common Cupboard
Avka felo cap.png Avka Felo The curves on this olive capsule are bulbous and smooth. Common Cupboard
Cielarka Cimo Capsule.png Cielarka Cimo A soft iridescence shimmers on this rough capsule’s surface. Common Cupboard
Dormema Ventreto cap.png Dormema Ventreto This inviting emerald capsule fits snugly in your hand. Uncommon Cupboard
Ebena Kuranto cap.png Ebena Kuranto The delicate colors of this capsule remind you of a wide-open sky. Common Cupboard
Etarakido Cap.png Etarakido The liquid inside this curving capsule twinkles and shimmers in the light. Common Cupboard
Floranta Doloro Capsule.png Floranta Doloro A ribbed underside graces this squishy capsule. Quest-only Quests
Fluganta Rato capupdate 20200829.png Fluganta Rato This capsule barely weighs anything. Common Cupboard
Glubleko cap.png Glubleko A soft frill decorates the top of this delicate, squishy capsule. TBA Cupboard
Imsanga Afero Capsule.png Imsanga Afero The odd but unique shape of this colorful capsule always makes you smile. Splicer-Only Genome Splicer
Alsalto variant cap.png Klara Alsalto The soft spikes on this golden capsule are warm to the touch. Uncommon Cupboard
Klip Cap.png Klipeta Kapto The bulbous base of this bright blue capsule has a slightly spongy texture. Common Cupboard
Koleratako cap.png Koleratako You can hear the bright orange liquid sloshing around inside this narrow capsule. TBA Cupboard
Kosmira Girafo Capsule.png Kosmira Girafo An odd green glow emanates from this capsule. Rare Cupboard
Kvieta kiraso cap.png Kvieta Kiraso This fragile, pronged capsule is filled with a sparkling liquid. Uncommon Cupboard
Limaka Cevalo Capsule.png Limaka Cevalo The ridges on this shimmering capsule seem to ripple and twist. Uncommon Cupboard
Luma Mordo cap.png Luma Mordo Soft prongs extend from the top of this shimmering capsule. Quest-Only Quests
Luna Hundo cap.png Luna Hundo Golden, moon-shaped curves grace the ends of this pale capsule. Uncommon Cupboard
Monta Selo Capsule.png Monta Selo This ring-shaped capsule has a smooth, hard surface. Rare Cupboard, Quests
Muska felo cap.png Muska Felo A wide, flat base supports this deep green capsule. Uncommon Cupboard
Muskbirdo Capsule.png Muskbirdo Enclosed in this capsule is a rather dark embryo. Uncommon Cupboard
Glisanto cap.png Nebula Glisanto This huge capsule catches the light when you hold it up to the sky. Quest-Only Quests
Nektara Veziko cap.png Nektara Veziko A thick, leathery exterior protects this capsule’s contents. Common Cupboard
Net Cap.png Netimo The surprising weight of this pearlescent capsule makes you ponder what contents lie within. Rare Cupboard
Ombra Vesperto Capsule.png Ombra Vesperto Uniform bumps encircle this deep red capsule. Uncommon Cupboard
Floro Cap.png Pompaca Floro A faint, pleasant aroma emanates from this capsule. Uncommon Cupboard
Ranbleko cap.png Ranbleko Dark liquid fills this spherical capsule. Quest-only Quests
Saltanta Capsule.png Saltanta It is a short, squat capsule. Quest-only Quests
Senfina Krizo Capsule.png Senfina Krizo Ominous brown liquid shifts within this capsule. Common Cupboard
Senvida Naganto Capsule.png Senvida Naganto There is a faint smell rising from this slender capsule. Common Cupboard
Stranga Sciuro capupdate 200829.png Stranga Sciuro There is nothing remarkable about this capsule's contents. Common Cupboard
Suna Hundo Capsule.png Suna Hundo The oddly curved ends of this capsule almost appear bone-like. Uncommon Cupboard
Tagalo Capsule.png Tagalo Faint stripes mark the embryo within this capsule. Common Cupboard
Tonbleko cap.png Tonbleko Dark red liquid sloshes in this frilled capsule. Hybrid-Only Breeding Ranblekos and Glublekos.
Transira Alsalto Cap.png Transira Alsalto This temperature of this capsule shifts between slightly warm and faintly cool. Hybrid-Only Breeding Glacia and Klara Alsaltos
Vira Beko Cap.png Vira Beko A viscous yellow liquid fills this heavy oblong capsule. Common Cupboard

Event Creatures[]

Capsule Species Description Rarity Obtained From
Abomena Pahidermo Capsule.png Abomena Pahidermo This odd, spiraled capsule fills you with dread. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Arba Brakumo cap.png Arba Brakumo A glossy brown exterior obscures the contents within. Event-Only Cupboard during Solstice Event
Frida Fisisto Capsule.png Frida Fisisto A frost-like lattice lines the inside of this spherical capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Solstice Event
Alsalto Capsule.png Glacia Alsalto Small crystals decorate the edges of this glassy capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Solstice Event
Brila Ornamo cap.png Brila Ornamo This capsule is filled with a shimmering, multi-colored liquid. Event-Only Cupboard during Solstice Event
Inkuba Brulajo Capsule.png Inkuba Brulajo The pale green markings on this capsule almost seem to pulsate. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Lanuga Vizago cap.png Lanuga Vizago A soft warmth emanates from this golden winged capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Solstice Event
Malvolva cap.png Malvolva Kapo Within this onyx capsule is a deep blue liquid. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Okula Pikilo Capsule.png Okula Pikilo A faintly sweet smell emanates from this hard, shiny capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Sabla Rego Capsule.png Sabla Rego Dark swirls can be seen inside this bulbous capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Kreinto cap.png Songa Kreinto Violet liquid fills this twisty capsule. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Strigosto Capsule.png Strigosto The shape of this brown capsule is eerily reminiscent of a skull. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Terura cap.png Terura Fisisto The contents of this crystal-clear capsule resemble oozing blood. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event
Timiga cap.png Timiga Dancanto This round and tiny capsule wobbles to and fro when you touch it. Event-Only Cupboard during Halloween Event